Created and Told by Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley


What happens when two women well into their middle years cast caution (and much else) to the winds to begin sharing a life together? Will it be pretty? No, it will not!  It’s taken these two storytellers a while but they’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel. They’ve come to the place where their own tale can be told. It is indeed a love story – raw and honest, promoting thought, laughter, empathy; speaking to all who have struggled to find a way to live together whoever they may be.


Toured in Southern Ontario, in Alberta and through the Gwanwyn Festival in Wales; featured at Midsumma. Celebrating Queer Culture, Melbourne.


“Thank you for being brave enough to love each other, suffer through the process, sustain each other, share this in one of the most moving pieces of storytelling I expect to see.”


Length: Full evening/two 45 minute sets

Mature Audiences

Available for: festivals, tours, concerts, house concerts. Has had great success with general audiences but has particular resonance for lesbians, young and old.


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