Erotic passion and murderous rage succeed each other in this medieval love story that will keep audiences enthralled until the cliff-hanging finale. King Marc of Cornwall, his wife, Iseult the Fair of Ireland and his nephew Tristan are caught in a tragic love triangle. Watch as they weave their way through danger and delight, supported by a cast of secondary characters, lepers, dwarves and monsters who bring color, humour and added intrigue to the tale. Love, laughter, sea voyages, dragons, beautiful green-eyed maidens and psychic dwarves, noble knights and cuckolded kings: all is in place for an unforgettable voyage.

The legend of Tristan and Iseult travelled from bard to bard from the early Middle Ages through the British Isles down to the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine and back up again to Wagner and even Hollywood. The story has been told and re-told through movies, plays, operas, novels, paintings. But in the beginning it was a story, told of an evening in great halls and humble cottages, in the light of a flickering fire. Let this skillful powerful storyteller take you back to those times, to Cornwall of long ago where the wind blows wild and lovers walk upon the edge of a sword.

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Tour Dates:
Peterborough: February 20
Wakefield: February 21
Arnprior: February 28
Perth: March 1



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