Created and Told by Dan Yashinsky

Music Brian Katz


One of Canada’s most revered storytellers, Dan tells the tale of his first steps into storytelling (a desperate effort to control unruly campers), interweaves a folk tale, and then moves to the birth of a second son. For weeks, this child lay unconscious in a neo-natal intensive care unit. Not knowing what else to do, Dan used stories to “talk him home.” Famed guitarist, Brian Katz interweaves original music making this a “canta storia.”

“Some things connect us to the mystery of life, to the common experience of being human and to the wonders that can never be understood. Talking You In did that for me.”

Toured in Canada, the UK and the US.

Length: Full evening/two 45 minute sets. Birth story can be told as a 45 minute stand-alone.

Available for: festivals, tours, concerts, house concerts. Of special interest for events created by and for medical communities.


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