We’ve been telling stories a long time. We’ve worked with and listened to some of the all-time greatest tellers. We have a passion for assisting others grow their art.


For those who want to open the door to becoming storytellers, we suggest:


First Steps

Working with traditional folk material, participants experience breathing the story in, rather than learning it; finding its images and telling out of what those images call forth. As we progress, all explore the processes of taking their own words and trusting them to be sufficient; of uncovering the emotional connections that give the story life. There it is – the chance to step into the teller’s world.


Where previously presented:

  • In schools, libraries and at conferences throughout Canada for more than thirty years.

  • For festival-goers, Midsumma. Celebrating Queer Culture, Melbourne.

  • Other locations too numerous to count.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us



For those who are already storytellers but who want to go further, bringing their listeners more, we offer:

Towards More Powerful Telling

Telling more powerfully involves a deeper commitment. It means taking on the story’s totality in all its nuances; it means getting in there, body and soul. The approach is unique and dynamic. Group exercises explore issues of voice and physicality; individual coaching in the group context helps tellers connect more fully to the stories they tell. All happens within the subtle context of the storyteller’s art. Participants go away knowing they are walking pathways to new growth.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us


Where previously presented:

  • In Master Classes at the Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada Annual Conferences in Hamilton and Saskatoon;

  • For storytelling guilds and retreats from Montreal to Nanaimo, Brockville to Victoria, Ottawa to Alberta.

For a glimpse into how we work:


For all the other aspects of storytelling as a career:


Grant Writing, Programming and Event organization, Promotion and Publicity

We’re doing our best to ensure the growth of storytelling infrastructures to support our art. We’d like to feel we’re at a place where storytellers themselves don’t have to do it all. We know we haven’t got there yet. We offer individual coaching in all the peripherals storytellers find they have to be involved in. We can also bring you group workshops on whatever seems to you to be most crucial. Be in touch.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us



All workshops function on a group basis:

  • You find the venue, you bring the participants

  • Half days, full days, weekends, conference sessions

  • We will tailor our presentations to your needs.