There is nothing like one-on-one coaching when it comes to moving forward. It’s an opportunity all too rare in storytelling circles – one we are proud to have developed and present in a variety of ways.


For you as an artist:


Finding the Story

Sometimes you know you have a tale to tell but just can’t find its shape. Sometimes you need someone to ask the right questions so you can send that program-in-development winging along. A virtual meeting through Skype can make all the difference. Doors will open. New paths appear.


Script/Program Development

You’ve got it all figured out. The text is on the page but you know there’s something missing. You know the work is not quite ready, it hasn’t found its final shape. We’ll review what you have and make suggestions. We’ll offer guidance out of awarenesses honed through years of experience. We’ll be that “other eye” you need.


Preparation for Performance

You know what you want to tell, you’ve been working on telling it but you’re looking to reach beyond, dig deeper, bring your listeners more. One-on-one sessions that guide you through voice and movement exploration to help you face your story’s content more intensely lead you to the uncovering of its voice. An experiential process that will have a profound effect on all your work.


For the other aspects of your career:


Grant Writing

Would that it hadn’t been necessary but we have been forced to become experts, making submissions both for a number of organizations and for ourselves. We can advise you on how to prepare yourself and on how to shape your application. We will review your draft proposal and offer all the feedback you require.


Programming and Event Organization

Storytellers often find themselves doing a lot more than telling the tale. We’ve been down that road, we know it. We can speak clearly, offering practical directions and solutions, describing situations others have faced. A virtual hour or so with us will make all the difference, contributing to smooth running, improved structuring and – above all – audience appeal.



Here again storytellers often find they’re moving through unfamiliar waters and yet promotion, publicity, are so frequently essential to both personal and group success. We have a goodly array of tried and true tips on offer. We’ve been involved in social networking, web site creation, media contacts – everything, right down to postering. We have the information set to share.


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