The Brothers Grimm: 200 Years and Counting

with Dale Jarvis and Delf Maria Hohmann


It’s 200 years exactly since the Brothers Grimm published their first folktale collection.  Take one master storyteller and one beloved folk musician weaving the events of the Brothers' lives around their stories.  You have an evening of celebration of this fierce, funny, ancient and oh so contemporary gift to humankind. 

Many of you will remember Grimm’s fairy tales from your childhood.  Usually these were sanitized versions.  Dale and Delf go back to the source.  That means their stories are not for the faint of heart.  Dale himself says,

"These are the real deal.  They are full of loss, longing, violence, tenderness, blood, wicked men and women; they contain the best and the worst of humanity, always alongside themes of hope, rebirth, marriage, and the joy of living but definitely not for children.”

Delf Maria Hohmann brings samples of  the rich folk music which represents the lesser known aspect of the Grimm’s collecting work. All this, woven with stories about the brothers themselves and their historical times.


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