Personal Development

Our workshops bring the power of the world’s ancient stories vividly alive for you and your group whether you are looking for personal development, skill building as presenters and communicators,  or simply wanting to explore a compelling creative experience together (and have fun doing it).  


Who We Work With

  • Book clubs

  • Women’s groups

  • Senior citizens’ groups

  • Retreats

  • Conferences

  • Program leaders

  • Teachers

  • Librarians

  • Team builders



  • You find the venue, you bring the participants

  • Half days, full days, weekends, conference sessions

  • We do the rest

What To Choose?


Find Yourself in a Fairytale

An exciting and insightful plunge into the way the old traditional folktales throw light on all our ways and days. Fact is, as listeners, we get to be every one of the story’s elements. We are, all of us, the hero and the villain, the vine that keeps on growing, the key in the key hole, the castle wall. Delving into this, under guidance and in the company of others, makes for an enriching experience that builds bridges, strengthens bonds, and sends us on our journey enlightened and refreshed.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us


Of Hands and Heart

 Jan does this one with artist, Maggie Glossop. Maggie instructs participants in using raw wool and colour in the wonderfully tactile processes of creating a work of fibre art. Skilled at reassuring those who truly believe they cannot make anything, she helps all present bring forth “a picture” that speaks strongly of who they are. Jan uses the old tales to evoke the heart-connections and ensure the picture-stories are told.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us


Just for You

Storytelling offers very particular lessons in listening and reaching out, in evoking who you are and what your group is, in gaining understanding of those you work with, live with, meet. You may have special aims and requirements. If so, we’ll do our best to meet them. Custom sessions are always a possibility, be in touch.


Rates dependent on location and numbers. Contact Us