Another remerkable show from the creator of Landscapses of Silence: a Daughter’s Story!

Marta’s family didn’t talk much about Amalia. When they did it wasn’t good. “She was an ignorant, evil teller of tales,” they said. Then one day, Marta met Amalia by chance, on a staircase and the stories began. Marta listened, again and again. She listened in horrified rapture, terrified by the old woman and loving her passionately.

Marta’s Grandmother was passionate about beautiful, expensive things; kid shoes, beautiful carpets, all things French. They made her feel alive. She shared these passions with Marta. She told her storie too and they were so, so different from Amalia’s stories. When it was time for her to die, Marta watched her grandmother hold on and hold on, afraid to lose these things, afraid to die.

But what did these old women mean to Marta? Did they speak the truth or did they not? Were their stories blessings or curses? Join Marta as she rediscovers these old women through the lens of an an ancient Russian wonder tale and a contemporary Argentinean short story. Listen as she grapples with the hard questions these old ones pose for her, seeking to discover what she needs to keep her own spirit burning brightly. The audience will be deeply touched by this story which is is both universal and utterly particular.


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Tour Dates:
Wakefield: November 16
Perth: November 23
Burnstown: November 24
Peterborough: November 29


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