Book of Spells Tour/2009: Audience Comments

We were literally spellbound, and I could tell by the audience's rapt attention that the teller’s art had also worked its powerful magic over the whole place. I felt quite privileged to have heard your skillful, generous and courageous performances.

Thank you for being brave enough to love each other, suffer through the process, sustain each other, thank you for being courageous enough to share this.

I was so invested in your personal stories, that your Book of Spells stories became for me about trying to unravel the links between your lives and then subsequently my own

I found the entire evening incredibly engaging, and found myself interacting with the work on multiple levels. I have been thinking a lot about "performativity" and what makes an evening of liveness sing for me - and I think it has do to with seeing the vulnerable teller simultaneous to seeing the story that they are weaving. I had forgotten about the power of simplicity in telling. Thank you for reminding me.

It was perfect. Your sense of the power of story to frame and sustain; the description of your relationship--the deep passion, the voids we want that passion to fill, the hope of love and the failure and despair, the 'getting on' with gentle anticipation.

I found the stories from Sara Maitland both wonderful and with lovely reverberations. Then your interweaving and framing of the stories with your own experiences so honestly told, made them even more powerful allowing space for my own connections with your stories and your journey.

Your journey was so engrossing that time flew. It was a beautiful orchestration and the sequencing from one to another was so skillfully done. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Thank-you for your performance. It was one of the most moving storytelling pieces I ever expect to see.

Wonderful presentation on life, love and history.

Wow what a grand performance you gave last night. I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the images in those literary stories. Loved the weaving and interweaving of the voices.

Excellent work...thank you for sharing your story with us...the details may change from couple to couple, but many of the challenges are the same, aren’t they?