The Stone Book

Written by Alan Garner

Told by Jan Andrews with the author’s permission


The Stone Book takes its heroine on a journey from the topmost spire of a church tower to the depths of a pre-historic cave.  Set in Britain, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, it stands as a coming of age story of mythic proportions not for some epic hero but for one small working class girl.  The journey involves matters of great moment; it “puts a quietness” on its traveler.  Audiences will know just what that means.


“Told with calm authority, The Stone Book reminds us that the spirit is found within and all around us.”


Toured in Ontario and Western Canada; featured at the 2010 Piggyback Fringe Festival, Wakefield, Quebec.



Length: 60 minutes

Available for: festivals, tours, concerts, house concerts.


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